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Tanya Khotin

Excellent points! Here's my post from Jan 13th, on these issues: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sempra-sustainability-leader-caught-biggest-disaster-since-khotin?trk=mp-author-card). I think that what is quite interesting now is that the mainstream media is not even mentioning Sempra by name -- all the articles are about SoCalGas... Is there any influence over the media by Sempra who want to separate the listed entity from the underlying? Another q: why do fossil-fuel-free funds exclude upstream producers but include infrastructure stocks like Haliburton & Schlumberger, and companies involved in pipelines and storage? 350.org and other enviro groups are going after the pipelines (existing and those in the plans), given the high risk to communities as well as climate change; divesting of upstream but retaining midstream and downstream stocks in the same value chain doesn't seem to make either environmental or investment sense. Would love your perspective on this.

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