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Winter Hibernation Quiz: Which Animal Are You?

BearFor humans, life goes on as usual during the winter, but that's not the case for a few of our furry — and not so furry — animal friends. Some animals hibernate during the winter as a response to the lack of food and warmth their geographical environment offers during this cruel season. Do you ever wish you could take a very long nap when the going gets tough?

Take our quiz to find out which animal you most resemble and learn some cool facts about the critters who enjoy winter siestas.

Quiz: Which Animal Are You?

1. There's a snowstorm blowing about outside. You're warm and cozy in your bed. You feel like you could probably sleep for...

a. 100 days without waking up.

b. 148 consecutive hours.

c. 60-80 days without waking up.

d. 150 days, only waking up periodically to relieve yourself.


Box Turtle2. You're with family and friends in an old, rustic cabin that has an outhouse located about 15 feet from the front porch. Nature calls, but it's dark and gloomy out there, not to mention freezing. You'd rather...

a. Hold it and hope that your body eventually creates its own form of recycling waste.

b. Grin and bear it! Hype yourself up to run out there, do your business, and come back as quickly as possible.

c. Find a sink or bathtub inside the cabin.

d. Find a bucket, keep it in your room, and dispose of it once the storm has cleared.


3. In-laws and relatives are coming to your home for some holiday cheer. You're nervous about this reunion; therefore, you stock up on your favorite comfort food to prepare yourself for the event. You start chomping on...

a. A bowl full of carbohydrate-rich berries.

b. A fresh plate of assorted nuts, seeds, fruits, and the occasional insect. 

c. Nothing. You cope better on an empty stomach.

d. A spread of vegetative stuffs: alfalfa, dandelions, clovers, and some grass.


Ground Squirrel4. You just bought a new home, but sadly, it still needs to be insulated. You have nowhere else to go, except the following hotels. You choose...

a. A snug cave or rock crevice.

b. A burrow dug beneath the soil's surface.

c. A pile of mud in deep water.

d. A deep den in the ground with a dirt-covered door.

5. Amid the craziness of outdoor holiday shopping in New York City, your body temperature:

a. Drops from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to a steady 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

b. Drops from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

c. Changes frin 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 37-44 degrees Fahrenheit.

d. Goes from 98 degrres Fahrenheit to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Woodchuck6. After present wrapping, Christmas tree decorating, and eggnog making, you sit relaxed in front of your fireplace and your heart rate...

a. Goes from 55 to 10 beats per minute.

b. Slows down to 6 beats per minute. 

c. Drastically changes from 40 beats per minute to 1 beat every 10 minutes.

d. Slows down to 4 beats per minute.




The Results: 

If a majority of your answers were....             Then you most closely identify with.....

A's                                                                   Bears

B's                                                                   Ground Squirrels

C's                                                                   North American Turtles

D's                                                                   Groundhogs

And last, but not least, if you found that your answers were split or varied, congratulations on being an eclectic winter survivor! 

 Christine Nguyen is an editorial intern for the Sierra Club. She most closely identifies with the groundhogs!

--images by istock//Jeffery Anderson, marco3t, jcrader, & petrikg


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