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Please don't give up on us in North Carolina. Our beaches are precious, too.

more voices need to be heard to make any impact!

First of all, off shore drilling is not going to solve our energy problems. Estimates are that drilling offshore and Alaska would
add only 1,3% to world supply. This could be acceptable if the government revenues generated were dedicated to saving the Everglades, all the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Mexico and the great rain forests of the world. See Passell nytimes: September 15 2008.

However. if we really want energy, the best and cheapest source of energy is the energy we save. Now is the time for a large revenue neutral gas tax. Note, a cut or elimination of the payroll tax for middle and lower income citizens to match
the increase in the gas tax would decrease demand far more than increased drilling in sensitive areas would increase supply without damaging the economy. A bonus would be a drop in world oil prices

We attended the Atlantic City hearing and came away very good feeling that this government official was listening. Time will tell.

Has anyone considered asking the major airlines to put together a cheap deal(charter) from various central places to get more volunteers to these special hearing locations? They did it for the million-man-march.

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