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Start beautiful, tiring process, the end is very sad, sober difficult

We MUST STOP the violence to our natural wildlife and environments. It is a direct method of destruction for the sake of GREED!!! Tell us how we can stop these abhorrent actions.

These amendments to the proposed budgets are shameful - pure and simple. How can so many politicians who ran for office to "serve the people" care so little for what most people want and care about? How can they themselves care so little about the environment? God blessed us with this beautiful earth to be responsible stewards, not to strip and destroy for profit or kill for convenience. Shame, shame, shame..........

I strongly urge you to OPPOSE the House Interior Appropriations bill and the Extinction Rider it contains. I thought the world was moving forward in the protection and conservation of wildlife and now our country is attempting to take a giant step backward. How can we expect China to protect its Pandas and Tigers or Japan to stop Whaling if we fail to set an example in the same direction. If we're here shooting endangered Wolves for no reason, we certainly can't expect other countries to behave any differently.

This bill is an all-out attack on our wildlife, especially those suffering from habitat loss global warming, or excessive hunting. So many American species need help recovering from these problems, but instead we're passing a bill to do just the opposite? It's simply unacceptable.

Wyoming and Idaho need someone or something to censure the killing of their wolves. They seem so hyped up and ready to get a wolf in their gun-sights at the drop of a hat and I think there should be some agency watching so the wolves have some kind of protection. After all, this animal was an endangered species just a couple years ago and now we're going to blast them off the earth again before they've even had a chance to gain a solid foothold. It's extremely unfair. We should have just let them go extinct, if the result was just to shoot them anyway. I understand this bill would prevent people from speaking against this "shoot-on-sight* wolf hunting that seems to important to Wyoming and Idaho. Well, other people still have constitutional rights and we should be able to speak our mind regardless. What kind of bill is this that seeks to blatantly kill wildlife and prevent American citizens from speaking out against it. Prevent legal action to challenge Wyoming's shoot-on-sight wolf plan. It sounds like a violation of my constitutional rights!! Hundreds of wolves could be killed and recovery of wolves in the Northern Rockies sabotaged, but the committee voted to deny people who care about wolves their day in court. Since when do people no longer have a right to fight for what they believe is right? I feel like my constitutional rights are been stripped away by this insane bill. And I certainly feel that I should have the right to fight against these crazy people in Wyoming and Idaho who can't seem to wait until they get a wolf in their gun-sights Someone needs to provide some sort of protection for this poor animal that was an Endangered Species until someone decided that all the money spent to bring them back from the brink of extinction was spent just so they could shoot and kill them!! If you ask me, this is an expensive way of providing for someone's hunting hobby.

Congress should be doing more, not less, for our wildlife and environment. This is certainly not the time to be stripping the need for wildlife professionals and taking away grants for the study of the environment. If anything, more grants should be offered during this difficult period.

Sacrificing our wildlife and environment in the name of fiscal austerity is unacceptable and could result in increased costs in the future to clean our air and water and keep us healthy. Please oppose this awful bill.

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