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We can expect soon vel tower monument? She did everything, Mr Chavez and longer time.

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I just want President Obama to win this election so that great things can continue to happen to those who are sometimes forgotten and most need it.

And soon can we expect a monument to Huerta? She did everything that Chavez did and for far longer.

I had the oportunity to be in Washington D.C safeway grape and lettuce boycott with la Raza with Celia Griego I was 25 years old in spanish we say puse mi granito de arena. JoseL Gonzalez year. 1975

My younger life is filled with stories about the beleaguered but fruitful exploits of Cesar Chavez, not unlike the story of Johnny Appleseed. And though our boycotting of lettuce and grapes was a hardship, we lived to see the greater hardship and shackles lifted because of Cesar's vision and hard work. Thanks to the vision of President Obama, the national monument for Cesar Chavez keeps alive Cesar's spirit and acts as a reminder of good principles lived by a great Californian and a great American.

Thank you Cesar Chavez a great Amercian

Back in the '60's, this old Protestant took Catholic communion for the first and last time. It was in front of a Safeway, and the priest said it was OK, in support of the UFW. I was pleased to see such a fine man as Cesar honored by the President.

as a young child growing up in California we boycotted grapes and lettuce. Thank you Cesar Chavez for all your hard work. Your memory and your principles live on in this National Monument.

A fitting national monument, and the fourth proclaimed by this president. The political opposition, in contrast, has sought to remove the president's authority to establish national monuments!

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