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June 16, 2009


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Laura Bush

Wow, this is REALLY helpful! It's great to have a way to quantify the differences in mileage, etc.

I also am glad to hear about the battery explanation, because I had heard that objection too.

Could you further empower us by telling us how to calculate the emissions differences? Is it really complicated?

Thank you!

Jack Moore

For that extra $10,000, you get a much bigger car, a much more comfortable car, and a car which USES LESS GAS. Individula economics are not the entire issue. Yes, get energy efiicient appliances, and lighting, and furnaces. But, so far, the hybrids are the best choice to USE LESS GAS, and to ride in a fairly comfortable, roomy car.


I was really irked by this column. Mr. Green makes a lot of assumptions here, including that the person in question does not have any children.

We made the decision between a minivan and a Prius for our family of four. THe benefits to the environment and our wallet in this instance are quite clear. The Yaris was not a viable option for us.

Also, to say that one should only buy a Prius if they have unlimited funds is ridiculous. THe base price for a new 2010 Prius is $21,000. Again, if the choice is not between a Yaris and a Prius but between a Prius and more "traditional" (in the US) large family cars, in some cases the Prius is much cheaper initially and going forward (efficiency more than two or three times your standard minivan means a lot of gas savings).

Ron Bourque

As a Prius owner, I have to take exception to your analysis and recommendation to buy a Yaris just to save the money – even if the money saved would be spent on other energy-saving home improvements. Most people, who purchase a Yaris, do so because they do not have that extra $10,000 spare. Many people, I have spoken to, don’t consider buying a Prius because they have many misconceptions about its performance and reliability. There is also the tendency to buy a car by the pound – a bigger car for the price of a Prius.

After driving the Prius for three years, I can tell you that this car gets 42 MPG in short distance city driving and on two recent trips – 410 miles and 180 miles – the highway mileage was 59 MPG. They way I achieve that kind of mileage is to keep my tires inflated to specifications, use cruise-control where traffic and highway conditions allow and drive at or slightly below the 65 MPH speed limit – 65 MPH is too fast for safety and fuel economy for most cars. Because of the Pius’s low drag coefficient, it actually does get good mileage at 65 MPH.

I think the equation has changed in favor or the Prius – please recalculate.

Laura Bush

I have another question. I just heard that the Prius battery lasts 4-5 years and costs $6,000 to replace. Is that accurate?


Yaris is a subcompact. Prius is a midsize with a hatchback with over 39 cubic feet of utility too. Prius is much safer with stability control, 4-wheel disc brakes with brakeforce distribution, knee airbag, etc. Prius pollutes much less while driving or sitting at stop lights or in traffic. And, gets far better fuel mileage. Come on Answer Guy, compare an apple to an apple.

Blog Paling Keren

Canadian nickel mining company, Inco, has fired thousands of their employees in my country.


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Yes... it seems that the media is very biased to their own way of thinking and hasn't improved since you wrote this article.


I admit your insights raised few doubts.. You use common sense and that's a good quality ,as for me I drive my Prius for the past three years, and I must say I'm not sure that my next car model will be any different than the one I drive today..
I'll take your insights into count..
THNX and keep up your good posts.

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The question is: Save the planet earth or save my money? If I know the answer to this, then I'll know which car to buy. Thanks for the info, by the way. Nice post. :-)

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Thank you for providing the perspective. I just read a part of the article, so I don't know much what to say. Good luck for the new member!

David The Storage Guy

I heard the hybrid is more efficient when running local? So I guess the calculation/comparison can be further improved by looking at the percentage of local drive vs. highway?

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Erwin Calverley

Well, I can't confirm the negative effects of nickel battery on hybrid cars. But if you still doubt cars like the Toyota Prius, I suggest you choose other fuel-efficient cars instead - even if they're not a hybrid.

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I think the equation has changed in favor or the Prius – please recalculate.

I hate the designs of cars like the prius ?

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