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September 21, 2009


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Lee Smith

Thank you for the interesting article. My question as to environmental impact is - are these cars and batteries really double cargoed to and from Japan, and if so, shouldn't fuel used for that be figured into final consumption?

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Very informative and well written. It'll be interesting to see the developments in the coming years!

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This is amazing! I had no idea these batteries cost so much! But I guess if you drive a lot it is economic to use the batteries and save on the fuel.

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Thank you for writing interesting articles. What I think that Battery is not so much expensive to use. It is more economic as well as beneficial as compared to fuel. I am using it from last 10 years and never got any problem .

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Thanks for sharing something about hybrid cars. Wow, it really does save you a lot of money. I've been riding with my brother whenever I go to work ever since I finished college. I think it's about time that I drive my own car. Thanks to your suggestion, I might consider buying a hybrid.

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Nice and thorough explanation. I didn't realize that the battery was so expensive. MPG is better but it would take 4-5 years to recoup. I get tired of driving the same car that long and would prefer to switch it up a bit.


First, your math is wrong. A 45mpg vehicle will save 178 gallons, not 188 gallons, over a 25mpg vehicle during a 10,000 mile year.

Second, your 45mpg hybrids should be compared to 35mpg counterparts - they're all sub-compact cars, and every standard sub-compact worth anything gets 35mpg on average. That brings your hybrid gas savings down to 63 gallons per year... X $3.00/gallon = $189/year. It's going to take 18.5 years to pay for that battery (or the hybrid premium at time of vehicle purchase). Bottom line - Hybrids DON'T save money. They COST money.

As for environmental considerations - consider the extra resources required to manufacture and recycle hybrid vehicles. No one is doing Mama Earth a favor there either.

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the information of this post is very relevant
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I just did a paper on the diffence between a Hybrid car and a gas powered car. it takes a long time for that hybridyou bought to pay itself off. That is IF your battery dosen't die in that time it takes to pay itself off.


I think the other factor to consider, at least cost wise, is that hybrids are much more expensive to purchase than a normal car. Factor this in, plus the battery price, and it really isnt worth it.


DB, I think you are a bit on the cynical side. First off true MPG are based on driving habits and the mfg. MPG rating for the car. If you have an aggressive drive then the MPG will be considerably lower than a moderate driver over time. Third the hybrid cars essential teach you how to drive a hybrid. If you observe the electrical power / gas-engine power being applied you can pretty much determine the best methodology for driving a hybrid. I just bought a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid and the first thing I noticed is that when I'm driving on the interstate I try to drive as efficient as possible based on the hybrid monitoring system. I'm finding with the Camry Hybrid I get an average of city/highway driving around 35 miles per gallon. Also, if you buy a certified car such as the car I purchased there is a warranty for the first year. You can also buy a warranty to cover the hybrid system which includes battery replacement. Gas is expected to exceed over 4 dollars a gallon this summer. I think the more people who move over to hybrids the quicker the cost of owning a hybrid will decrease. We have to start somewhere and buy denouncing the positives of the hybrids have to offer is not fixing the problem but adding to the problem. It is time for us to start paving our own way and recognize that even though there may not be an immediate payback there maybe one in the future if we all join together and start conserving fuel resources. I am not a hippie by any means. I just do not like my paycheck going to oil and gas.


no, these creatures only cause me several problems!

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