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November 23, 2009


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U.S. Consumers are getting soaked for more than $200 million annually


Please refer to the white paper I've written regarding the more than 200 million dollars per year lost as the result of substandard washing machine inlet hose floods at www.floodchek.com.

You should find it of interest.

Steve Vargo,President
Floodchek N.A.

Rick Benson

There is a lot of conflicting information about cloth diapers vs disposables but when you are talking about the impact they make many people believe they are about the same. Well that is not true. For one you can control the impact you are making with cloth diapers. You can sun dry them instead of using the dryer. This will save you lots of cash as well it being the best way to get rid of stains. Also you can re-use the water from your washing machine. We have ours drain into our garden. We use Thirsties Super Wash non-toxic, biodegradable, ordorless, colorless and no harmful enzymes. Also you can choose to buy organic cloth diapers. They use no pesticides on the crops. Now what I think is the most important issue of them all: Disposable diapers are made from several toxic chemicals that come directly in contact with your babies skin. So even if the impact on the planet is the same the impact on your child's health far out weighs any of the other factors.

aion kinah

I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends.


The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), The World-wide Home Environmentalists’ Network (WHEN), The David Suzuki Foundation, the provincial governments of B.C. and Manitoba (who have both imposed a green tax on “disposable” diapers in the form of PST), and many other organizations.

Why do all these organizations promote the use of cloth diapers over “disposables”? They have no financial interest in the matter. They are, in fact, only interested in THE TRUTH. These groups are interested in improving the environment for the benefit of living things and future generations of living things. This is a very noble, real and true pursuit. Why would they deceive or misinform us?
Answer: They wouldn’t!

So then, why is there so much confusion about this issue? Well, in 1989, in response to a major trend of consumers switching to cloth diapers, Proctor & Gamble decided to launch a multi-million dollar international advertising campaign. It was designed to cloud the issues and relieve the guilt of “disposable” diaper users. This campaign was wildly successful. Even though P&G was found guilty of false and misleading advertising as a result, they did regain their market share as misinformed consumers returned to “disposables” in droves. From more information about cloth diapers go to http://www.monkeybunz.com

Zach Smith

Disposable diapers are more ecologically friendly. If washing and drying it is your main concern, there are now washing machines that are far more energy efficient than the washers introduced in the past. Their dryers are equipped with moisture sensors to save so much energy. In comparison to using disposables, their manufacturing methods will leave a permanent mark on the surface of the earth. You can just imagine the mountains of disposable diapers sold in the market today.

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Krissy Casters

I currently use both cloth and disposables. However, I would like to try elimination communication with my next child. I would love to do EC and use cloth as a backup!

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Inspiring. The other challenge for purifying the mind is to live in a 10 sq m hut [10'x10' or 100 sq ft]. Then all 100 items in there would make you want to pare down even further. It seems hard to imagine, but if we could, we can see how peaceful it would be compared to what we normally do - hmmm ??? Why do we do this, anyway?!?

Thanks for bringing us to a modern day Walden Pond.

cloth diaper

Pregnant with #2 and planning on cloth diapering this time. Have been looking at Fuzzi Buns for a brand to try. Would love to win.so you can also use one size diapers ...thanks..............

irrigation systems

I'm happy that people can take the environmental thinking "outside the box" it into the clothes matters. We must give a great thought to everything we do in our house, garden and car, for a better world.

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I currently use both cloth and disposables. However, I would like to try elimination communication with my next child. I would love to do EC and use cloth as a backup!

Markin Ambuh

I hate washing diapers. I prefer disposable one.

Josh Brandson

as my friends said before, there are more efficient washers today. I have a washer that saves both energy and water,it's LG but I think every brand have those.

Inya Kawin

Disposable diaper is easier.

Natural Baby Ideas

We use both. Our primary mode of diapering is cloth, but for when we go out, night time, or when we're just lazy we use disposables. Not only are they WAY cheaper in the long run (even after electricity, water, etc costs), they are softer and better for the baby, which is the most important factor in my mind. Concerning the environment... eh. Things get thrown away. Landfills get filled with or without diapers.

For more discussions/articles on cloth diapers, go to http://www.naturalbabyideas.com/forum/category/cloth-diapers/

Bob Brendon

I like this page. I'll bookmark this so I can refer to it often.

P90X Review

washing diapers? i don't think there are non disposable diapers still available in the market now.

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I personally love the idea of washing diapers but I think in today's society the bulk of people just won't be up for doing it and would prefer the throw away kind. its sad.

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It's so depressing that people won't take a few extra minutes to do something that makes the world a better place.

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this is such a no brainer yet it has never taken hold because people are lazy

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Tiffany Schmuck

Thank you so much for what you have done.It is really a helpful post.So many informative things here.Thanks.


"Disposable diapers are more ecologically friendly."

I agree with you, and I believe if we all used these diapers our environment would improve dramatically. A little change for a HUGE result :-)

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As well as being more environmentally friendly, disposable diapers are so much more people friendly ;-)

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