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June 07, 2010


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Won't millions of hybrids still require 9-lane freeways? Why not push for better transit and more livable cities that require less driving. VMT reduction is key.

BTW, the kids just aren't into cars like they used to be.

Maybe the private auto is a dying industry? Fingers crossed.

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I must agree that a city with proper public transportation will need less cars- hybrid or not.

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Interesting stuff .. I'm way behind on summer movies, but will finally be going to see this one today and am hoping the visuals manage to trump the very familiar storyline

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Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles with sniffs predominating. Do you understand?

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This was actually very informative, I had no idea that maritime shipping was this economical.

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What a well-researched article — thanks for putting in the time to look into the back-stories of all these famous brands. I had no idea the Twitter bird came from iStockPhoto, of all places!

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But when the kids make mistakes, criticism has to be specific, instructive and constructive. I always give that kid a chance to make it up later in practice and publicly praise him for SOMETHING he did right

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They should produce a lot even other car companies.

Peter Woodfellow

I agree, although i gotta say if your car does not need replacing do not replace it. Thats were i agree with the green, i have a 209 year old car which i replaced for a hybrid car because it was getting hard to get spare parts.

Jamie Shellman

Isn't it true to every green product or green gadget? Every second that an item traveled, is accounted for something in cash. And the price differs with what type of transportation. The cash flies as the gas is turned into smoke, so as with coals that is used for sea shipping. The real deal here is that, at least, it can decrease the amount of pollution that usually goes up to the atmosphere.

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Makayla Chalker

All told, hybrid cars compensate for everything. From the very first parts manufactured all to its end-of-life, these cars then live up to its name of eco-car. There are even car manufacturers who introduce newer batteries, even more efficient engines, and tons more while making any environmental-friendly car buyer smile wider. Pretty cool, is it not?

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I agree with your idea definetly production of hybrid cars must be increased..

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100% approved for me. That is the right term for the description.

Laura @ Tricycle for Adults

I bought a Honda Insight 7 years ago and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy driving it and more so, filling up for about $25. As far as the safety concern, I tell people that I refuse to live my life fearing SUVs or any other behemoths on the freeways. I’m not sure why the American car manufacturers would be willing to invest in smaller, more fuel efficient cars when there is still such a demand for SUVs.

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In the future, I will build a hybrid car.


Thank you for sharing your stuff on blog. It is doubtless that we have similar interests. Something are very helpful to me.

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Thanks for this excellent post. Very insightful and well-researched. It's great that more people are becoming "greener" through posts like this.

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