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I cannot bieleve all of the asthmatics on YA have not heard of the Buteyko method. It is a breathing technique that retrains asthmatics to breathe normally.Personally, I think the buteyko theory is wrong, but who cares, the practice is right, it works.I have had personal experience with this method, with my asthmatic son. Severe asthmatic since 2 1/2, mostly controlled by taking a preventative twice a day for his whole life, and ventolin and atrovent when required. At 12 it started getting worse, stronger and stronger preventatives and treatments did not last.After learning Buteyko, and using it firstly as a treatment for symptoms, then as a preventative whenever symptoms first presented themselves, he has now been effectively asthma free for two years. No preventative, no ventolin, not even any more buteyko. Check it out. It takes time and effort and dedication, and it wasn't cheap, but a lifetime free of asthma is the reward.

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